I’ve given thought to this recently as more people ask me about Naevia-18 (coming soon!). I figure I’ll give a little insight into my reading history and present to give you clues as to my writing future.

The years in between when I first started reading Goosebumps books by RL Stine to when I started reading for fun again in college are filled with botched book reports and half read books in which I surrendered to watching the movie version instead. Then Nancy Farmer happened.

I was forced to read “The House of the Scorpion” in my college advertising class. We had to read the book and come up with different kinds of promotional material for an imaginary book release (spoiler alert, I got an A). The rest of the class read chapter by chapter, week by week, but not I, no… I read that book in one sitting. How could a book be so easy to read?

I dove further into the Nancy Farmer world of books until I stumbled upon “The Sea of Trolls,” and that wiped away any further hesitance I had to start reading more. I read mainstream fiction, action stuff, Dan Brown type historical adventures, young adult dystopian, which then eventually somehow led me to Rick Riordan, and further into fantasy to end up with Sanderson, Rothfuss, Martin, Jordan, and the like.

I guess I was a late bloomer? Anyway, as I look at my early writing projects I can see the influence those Nancy Farmer books had. As I’ve progressed I can see that like my reading, my writing has expanded to encompass not just young adult with a hint of sci-fi or fantasy, but so so much more.

As I write this, I have Naevia-18 on the way from Autumn Arch Publishing, a coming of age sci-fi that is filled with twists to make for a fun ride. I’ve also completed a fast paced sci-fi novelette entitled Eureka and a (currently revising and still unnamed) urban fantasy (think Final Fantasy VII meets Final Fantasy X) that I started as a NaNoWriMo project but couldn’t finish it in time because I’m a #turtlewriter. I’d list the rest of my works in progress, but it’ll get really wordy and would be a huge waste of time. The end result is that I’m always on a quest for growth, whether it be with with reading, writing, or any other facet of my life.

I will use those previous influences to continue on my path.

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