Review – FLASHFALL / FLASHTIDE by Jenny Moyer

I’m late to the game on these two, I know! A few months ago, right after I found out I was getting published by Autumn Arch, I wanted to stop in a local bookstore to see what was out there. There are only a few spots in the Des Moines area, and my wife and I were hanging out in Ankeny so we decided to stop in to Plot Twist Bookstore. I had a craving for something written by a local author, but everything I found just didn’t jump out at me (you know that feeling).

I was about to leave empty handed when I glanced at the YA section, and saw a sign for author Jenny Moyer. Not only did she write what looked like a cool series, but she was going to do a book signing at the event a month away. Win win if I like the book! I grabbed book one, FLASHFALL, and went on my way.

It was probably the best glenting pickup at a bookstore I’ve had since I bought my first Brandon Sanderson book.

FLASHFALL didn’t take any time to settle in to. Sometimes I have to fight to stay interested right off the bat until I get hooked on, but this book had me interested in the world right off the (flash) bat.

Something very unique happened to this world. When one thinks of a dystopian setting the automatic causes for it get narrowed down to a short list: nuclear fallout, overpopulation, flooding (Water World, anyone?), etc., you get the point. Jenny Moyer takes a giant curtain of intense energy and lays it down in the middle of the map! This forever alters all life and makes for a brutal world that our young heroes, Orion and Dram, must traverse through.

The story revolves around Orion and her quest to save her friends and free everyone from Alara’s oppression.

Orion rocks. I see her as a very unique character. Things don’t ever really go right for Orion. Throughout both books she just gets beat down over and over again. She makes rash decisions, and her plans rarely hatch out as she imagines. She fails multiple times in each book. I LOVE this about her, because she gets. Back. Up. Every. Time. She has plenty of motivation, whether it be her love for Dram, her mother and father (and dad..), her friends, promises made, or simply standing up for what is right.

Dram is just fierce. He loves fierce, fights fierce, speaks fierce, and lives fierce.

Every time something shitty happens to either of these two I just expect them to give up. They don’t. You think George R. R. Martin is cruel to his characters? Enter Jenny Moyer. These two wear rad bands that tell them how close to dying their slow deaths they are. Then they’re constantly surrounded and attacked by threats: Super charged Striders, super jerk conjurors, mutated flash gulls, flash bats, orbies, cordon rats, moles that can conjure elements, and invisible termits, but those pale in comparison to the ruthless council of Alara.

Both books are filled with plenty of twists to keep readers on edge. Some I expected, most I didn’t. There were a few flaws and things I nitpicked on, but overall both books are fantastic. Jenny Moyer paints a very detailed and immersive world (I feel ready to suit up, grab my axe, and tackle any nearby caves now!). FLASHFALL is my favorite of the two, but was very impressed with how FLASHTIDE wrapped things up. It’s a bit of a wilder ride than the first book, but I’m VERY picky about my endings. Almost every series I read I’m let down by the ending, but not true with this one!

Pick em up, read em, enjoy em. It’s a great adventure. I give them a definite seal of approval!

Also, in between reading book one and two I ended up attending Jenny Moyer’s book signing at Plot Twist, and we had a great conversation about all things writing. THANK YOU for the wonderful advice!

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