Not anymore! I got through my edits on Naevia-18!!! I never realized how much more polished it could’ve been. My writing has improved so much since I started this story a couple of years ago. Now (for some reason) I can’t wait to get back into my other stories to go through revisions!

It’s also been a little while since I read through Naevia-18 all the way, so it was refreshing to go through it again. I can’t wait until it releases people!! I hope you all love it. 🙃

I think I’ve got my upcoming projects all in order (for now), so I’ll have so many more things coming up!

That’s all I wanted to share today. More updates will be coming SOON! I also have an announcement that really made my week this past week, so that will be shared in early August!

Get ready! Cause here I come!

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