Review – SEASONS TURNING by Donaya Haymond

As we get to the eve of Naevia-18‘s release, I figured it was appropriate to review a fellow Autumn Arch Publishing title, Seasons Turning by Donaya Haymond. I’ve been wanting to review this for a while, but hadn’t taken the time!

I didn’t know what to expect with this book, so I came into it with a fresh slate (although when I read it I was waist deep in edits for Naevia-18, so my brain was straight up FRIED). This book helped! And now that my brain is refried from NaNoWriMo I’m hoping this review helps me out again!

Here’s the back cover blurb:

“Kira lives in a world where the seasons are much more than a time of year, but realms separated by delicate barriers. One Season, Summer, has his eye on Kira, and his intentions are anything but pure. An act of self-defense does more than save Kira from unknown horrors, but upsets the balance, and causes the barriers between realms to break down.

Spring leaves her girlfriend Amber behind, starting a journey she believes will avert further disaster, and accidentally crosses over into our world instead. She latches onto Jared, a relatively ordinary young man, and braves the dire unknown to identify the source of their world’s imbalance.

Winter requires damage control, while Autumn seeks to point Kira, and her trusty shotgun, in the right direction. Chaos ensues, threatening to plunge all the realms into a destructive tailspin. To everything there is a season. To the Seasons, what happens next is everything.”

This was such an interesting concept, I mean, seasons are actually people and they rule over their respective realms? Awesome. It took me a little bit to get to know each character, but once you meet everybody and get “acclimated” it’s a very easy book to read. The story revolves around the newly crowned queen of Summer, Kira. What she’s done disrupts the balance of the seasons, and forces her and the whole cast to enter this crazy adventure. Most of the characters are kept separate throughout the story, but you’ll see that each character’s point of view adds to the story as a whole.

The chapters with Spring were great. She enters the real world, and doesn’t realize that things there are different than in her kingdom (imagine Thor when he comes to Earth in his first movie). Her awkwardness, and Jared’s attempts to keep her from doing anything too crazy, was well written and a delight to read.

The merging of worlds were some of my favorite things in this book. It kind of reminded me of how Rick Riordan did this in his Percy Jackson series. There are things that happen in these seasonal realms (and a couple other realms) that end up affecting the people of the ‘regular’ world (and vice versa). The way Donaya Haymond writes these little quips in are easy and fun to read, becoming some of my favorite parts of the book.

I don’t want to go too in depth with everything I liked and didn’t liked, so I’ll leave this pretty open.

Seasons Turning is exciting, sexy, silly, and a wonderful read! The world was well built and a place I’d like to return to (and am hoping that I will, as I see this is Timely Realms Book 1). I could actually see myself reading this book again to catch all the little things here and there that I might have missed the first time around. Keep in mind, I don’t read books twice, but I think the uniqueness of this story and world could entertain me a second time around. As far as a first go around goes, read it! I give it my seal of approval.


It’s back to NaNoWriMo for me. My progress is slowing, so I’ve gotta get back to it! I’m currently reading For a Muse of Fire by Heidi Heilig as well, so once I finish with that I hope to post another review.

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