What to Read in 2019!

I have lofty reading goals this year. How am I gonna have time to read these books when I have all this writing to do?? I’ll have to find a way…

Here are my picks! I’m sure as I get through the year and find some treasures at bookstores this will change, but more reading is never bad!

(Instant thought… how will I have time to read when Kingdom Hearts III releases next week…?)

First book! I started reading this in 2018, but it carries over into 2019. This is Within by Aaron Bunce.

This is a great book so far! He’s rereleasing this (next month?) with a new cover, title, and it’s been completely redone from beginning to end.

Next on the list comes from my Twitter writing squad:

I was looking for an ebook to buy around Christmas, and Emily sent me a link to hers, The Mystery of Jason Barrow. I don’t know much about it, but it looks like a quick and fun read! I’m planning on reviewing this one when I’m done.

Moving on! I found this at BAM!, and since then I keep seeing it all throughout the Twitter #writingcommunity (or is it #writerscommunity, WHO DECIDES!?).

This is one of those purchases that is completely based off of the sweet looking cover (and the blurb).

Next up is an oldie, but I’m planning on reading this series throughout my entire life. The Shadow Rising by Robert Jordan. I’ve loved the first three, and I’m sure the rest of the series is stellar as well.

Okay this next one I just found randomly from a friend. This is coming out in March. The Phone by W.J. Orion.

I’m just gonna leave the description right here, so you can read for yourselves:

The invaders came down to Earth in their ships, and multi-legged battle armor and we had no way to stop them from taking the water. Made sense. They looked like massive crabs, after all. The war was over in days.

Now, those left behind eke out a parched existence in the scorched rubble, avoiding the hunter-killer teams of crabs as they scour Earth for whatever they deem valuable.

Sixteen year old Yasmine Whitten is an expert at navigating the wastes; born into this world, she not only survives; she thrives. But she’s got a secret; her mother’s old cell phone.

Kept intact for 13 years of alien invasion, and kept charged by a tiny solar panel, these two relics of a dead-world give her sanity, and a host of tools that allow her to stay ahead of the scavengers, both human and crab alike. It’s a flashlight and a camera, and when she can’t sleep, she can comfort herself in the cold desert by looking at pictures of her mother and father, and by reading their old text messages to one another.
She’s doing well enough, for a teenager on her own in a ravaged world.

Until the phone rings.

Sounds cool to me.

Alright! Here are a few others on my list that I’m gonna be squeezing in amidst all of the writing, cosplay, drawing, breaking, and everything else I have going on (KINGDOM HEARTS III).

I LOVE the movie, so hoping the book is just as good

It’s Brandon Sanderson, can you go wrong!?

Another one from a movie. My wife just read it, and said I’d like it

It’s Brandon Sanderson again. Duh.

Happy reading this year, everyone! And for those that will be like me next week and bury themselves in KH3, remember to take some time away from the gaming! Too much screen time is bad for your eyes.

(Let’s not kid ourselves, we’re gonna play it day and night)

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