Review: Love, Death & Robots (Netflix)

A Netflix show that was interesting enough I’d want to review it!? Sure, there are Netflix shows that I thoroughly enjoy, but this one was just far enough outside of the box to make me want to talk about it. Sit down, grab a tall glass of water, and load up your sister’s Netflix account, it’s time to talk Love, Death & Robots.


The name is simple, and it’s how I’ll give you the disclaimer before you start watching with your ten year old brother that loves robots. Love is the first word of the title, and is your disclaimer for all the nudity you’re about to see. Almost every one of the episodes shows all sorts of skin, so if you’re not into that you might want to back away slowly. This series is NOT shy, and it will flaunt it’s Dracula-monster-penis all over the screen. Death is the second word, and is very straightforward. There is a good deal of blood and gore in a lot of the episodes as well. Again, not for the faint of heart. Ahh, then we get to Robots! Not much to be said here, although surprisingly not all of the episodes feature a type of robot (or do they?).

I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect much from this series. Lately, I haven’t been entertained by a lot of shows or movies. People would get on social media and claim that <insert popular show of the week here> is the best thing since Friends. I’d check it out and get bored twenty minutes in, or I’d stick around for a few episodes and really waste my time (sorry, Umbrella Academy, but you sucked). Have my tastes changed? Or have I just seen too much that I’m as bored as Thanos sitting on that chair listening to Ronan in GotG talk about politics? It’s up for debate, but it would be a boring one, I’m sure of it.

Love, Death & Robots (come on, no Oxford comma?) is a breath of fresh air in that regard. The episodes are short and sweet, and while they’re not all perfect, or anywhere close, they are interesting enough to get me to think, Hey, that was a good idea! It reminded me a lot of 2003’s The Animatrix. I watched that with my best friend back when it first came out. There were a few cool shorts there, but I think I was too young to catch on to all of the themes. I’ll have to give that a rewatch someday.

The Good:

  • Every episode is animated differently. Not all of them are super cool looking, but I loved the differences in each one. I really enjoyed the animation in episode three – The Witness. It was directed by Alberto Mielgo, who apparently did some work on Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse (Uhh, heck yeah!).
  • The storylines are so creative! Come on, episode six – When the Yogurt Took Over is about a sentient bowl of yogurt that takes over the world (and it’s amazing!). Good Hunting stands out here as well. The storyline transitions from 20th century China to a steampunk Hong Kong, and follows the friendship of a boy and a huli jing (a crazy cool girl that can turn into this nine-tailed fox kinda thing).


The Bad:

  • Some of the themes are a bit too much, as in, the women in a lot of these episodes don’t get a lot of love. Episode one – Sonnie’s Edge is great and all, but the abusive themes can turn a lot of people off.
  • Nudity is great, don’t get me wrong, but there are times when it’s done right and times when it doesn’t add anything to the story and is just a distraction. There were a few times when I was watching where I thought, Someone just wanted a reason to animate some boobs here. They were well done boobs of course, but still.

Stand Outs:

  • My favorite episode of all was Three Robots. It follows these three robots on a tour of the post apocalyptic world, and they try to figure out how humans lived based on what was left behind. It’s freakin hilarious.Three Robots
  • The Witness is a wonderfully animated thriller piece. This poor girl is running in nothing but an open robe from a guy she thinks just committed murder! I’m guessing she was pretty scared to go out dressed like that. Stay for the ending, because it’s worthy of a big thumbs up.The Witness Love Death and Robots
  • Suits is a high-action, Pacific Rim like short. It’ll keep you entertained all throughout.Suite Love Death and Robots
  • Good Hunting is beautifully done. The transition of time and growth of this young boy into a man was so creative. The struggles the huli jing goes through, and then what happens to her at the end is a very interesting watch. I loved how the setting and tone changed from a martial arts oriented China to this steampunk Hong Kong. This was my second favorite episode.Good Hunting
  • Beyond the Aquila Rift is a very cool sci-fi story. You think you know what you’re getting into, but then it keeps changing. Then you see what’s really going on, and… well, I won’t spoil it. Just watch it! Beyond the Aquila Rift


Overall, Love, Death & Robots is a well done series that held my attention. It was animated beautifully, tackled some tough issues, and had some very creative ideas and characters. Now my creative juices have been replenished, so I can go out and write my own interesting stories! It’s not very often that I find something that really pushes me to expand my own creativity like this series did. It’s not perfect, and it’s definitely not for everyone, but I recommend it for sure if you’re not opposed to anything I mentioned above.

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