Avengers: Endgame SPOILERS BELOW

This is your chance. Get out now before I spoil the ending for you (I mean how gruesome was it when Ant-Man was shot up Thanos’ butt!?).


But seriously, get out now.

You’ve been warned.

Alright, folks! Scan your tickets, grab your popcorn, and find your seats! We’re in the Endgame now.

The start of the movie sets the tone for the first hour perfectly. Hawkeye, Clint Barton, is just hangin with his wife and kids when they all get dusted. Cut scene and enter the feels. Talk about depressing. That’s just the beginning. I’m not even gonna write about it, because I don’t want to put you through it all again. Let’s get to the good shit.

Five years later. I’m gonna go ahead and start off by saying I’m not a fan of time skips. I get how it was used here though, and it was done better than other stories that have done it. It works.

Time travel. So we went there. I heard once that time travel is a cheap cop out for movies and stories. While I’m not entirely in agreement with that statement I can see why some would think it. Endgame does it pretty well though, and kinda pokes fun at other time travel movies in the process. I was okay with how it all worked, but they still broke their own time travel rules when Cap came back as an old man at the end. The theory was that when you go back to the past it doesn’t change your present or future, but creates an alternate, separate universe. So then how did Captain America go back in time to return the stones, NOT come back using the time jump, and show up at the bench as an old man? Wouldn’t he still be living in his alternate universe? Or, during his time growing old with Peggy, did he find some other means to travel back to the current universe? I’ll go with that. The movie’s still great.

Okay, let’s back up a second. Cap went back in time to return the infinity stones to their own respective times. So… that’s cool, but I have questions in regards to one thing. How did he give the soul stone back? And what did he say when he saw Red Skull!? Why isn’t THAT in the movie!? That should’ve been the post credits scene. That, and Deadpool preparing for Endgame in a phone booth somewhere.

Let’s back up some more. Hey, if Endgame can go back and forth in time all willy nilly I can too! So the plan is to go back in time, collect all the stones, and then snap! Everyone they lost is back! Easy, right? Well, there are some difficulties along the way. After Black Widow sacrifices herself for the soul stone, Captain America checks out his own ass, Tony Stark reunites with his father, Thor reunites with his mother (and Mjolnïr), and Nebula networks with herself, they catch em all! There’s even a hilarious quick scene recreating Guardians of the Galaxy where Star Lord is dancing in the beginning of the movie. That was the best intro! It gets replayed here, but from Rhodey’s and Nebula’s eyes Quill is just a dancing idiot. 😂

Unfortunately for our heroes, a Nebula switcharoo took place once the stones were collected. Now 2014 Thanos is on his way to the future (present) to fast forward his search for the infinity stones.

Now it’s on! Battle time! Hulk snaps his fingers right before Thanos arrives and lays waste to the Avengers compound. We’ve got a battle ready Thanos going head to head with Iron Man, Captain America, and fat Thor! You’d think this would work out well for our heroes, because, you know, let’s take a look.

Thanos with no infinity stones vs.

Iron Man in his latest, bad-ass, classic looking suit,

Captain America, hardened and shielded up, and,

Thor wielding both Mjolnïr and Stormbreaker

I figured they’d put up a better fight, but even after Cap proves that he’s worthy enough to swing Mjolnïr around, they lose the upper hand. By the way, that was one of the best scenes in the entire movie! I’m not even a fan of Cap, but that was SICK. Well done, Marvel. You got me.

Enter the dusted. Thanos calls forth the dark order and his minions, and things are about over for the Avengers. That is… until Cap hears something on his comm. Falcon!? But wait… that means… A glowing spiral of energy reveals Black Panther, along with the other warriors from Wakonda that were dusted. Then we get Drax, Mantis, Star Lord, Dr. Strange, and YA BOY – Spider-Man! Giant Man then frees War Machine and Rocket Raccoon from beneath the compound (by the way, Rocket almost drowning was a heart wrenching scene – he’s been one of my favs from both Infinity War and Endgame).

Now it’s a fight! This is what Marvel fans have waited so long for, to see all of these heroes fighting together. Infinity War we got close, but everyone was separated. Now we have a legitimate reunion. As Cap stated so clearly, “Avengers… assembled.”

Not it’s a game of keep the gauntlet away from Thanos. Hawkeye, Black Panther, and Spidey take part. Spidey’s instant kill mode anyone? Amazing!

Still, it’s like everything our heroes pull out, they somehow keep getting pushed back. Now it’s time for Captain Marvel! She shows up and saves Spidey from the bottom of a Chitauri dog pile. Their exchange is pretty solid too, and I love how all the ladies come to Spidey’s aid. That was an awesome girl power moment. And did anyone see Pepper Potts’ armor!? Sooooo sick! It’s too bad Black Widow couldn’t have been part of it, since she’s been the female avenger around the longest.

Even after all that, Thanos takes matters into his own hands, taking the gauntlet and almost snapping his fingers. An assault from Captain Marvel stalls him, but ultimately it’s Iron Man that makes the bold move, stealing the stones and erasing Thanos and his army from existence with his own snap. That end result kills Tony Stark in a fitting conclusion to the Marvel Cinematic Universe to this point.

Beautifully done. Bravo, Marvel. You had me on the edge of my seat and my adrenaline pumping throughout that entire battle. It was everything I could’ve wanted in an ending battle scene. Epic.

I give Avengers: Endgame a solid 9.1/10. I had a few gripes, but I have my own ways of explaining them. It’s a fitting end to the Iron Man/Captain America era of Marvel movies. Now we move on to this new age. I’m not sure how these future movies will satisfy, but I can only trust in Marvel to continue to bring amazing movies to light.

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