Book Club!

I attended my first book club the other night! The subject? Naevia-18.

It couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m in the middle of writing Karxen Chronicles Book 1.5, a novella bridging books one and two told from Zoë’s perspective, and I was a bit overwhelmed with my writing goals for the remainder of the year. Now I have a renewed hunger to complete not only Zoë’s novella, but also my other fantasy novel that’s currently in revision. Don’t worry, folks! I’m on it.

I didn’t really know there were still book clubs congregating, and it was refreshing to hear an active discussion on my book! They actually liked it! It’s still amazing to hear that people have enjoyed my book, especially when I hear it from women. My wife, Candy, mentioned that she was glad that a male could write from a female point of view and not make her too overpowering or not strong at all. The other women at book club echoed her thoughts, and let me know what characters they loved, who pissed them off when they turned evil, or what part of the book was most shocking. They wrote down questions for me!

They really got me thinking, and those thoughts will translate right into the rest of the books in the series. The other books you might ask? Well, I suppose I could divulge what all I currently have planned… 😈

I already told you about book 1.5. I don’t have a specific name, but I like “Descent.” It focuses on Zoë from the time her and Naevia split up at the camp in Naevia-18, and takes her right up to when Book 2 starts. We’ll see Zoë as she goes undercover for Dericka, descending into the shadows of Karxen and secretly revealing dangerous truths to Naevia and the rest of the gang. Then when things appear to be safe, a new threat emerges that threatens to reveal Karxen’s hidden past, endangering everyone just when they all gained their freedom. It’s a fun ride, and I’m about halfway done with it.

Book 2. I’d like to tell you the name of this book, but I won’t. Not yet, because the name is a spoiler in itself, and I want you all focusing on Zoë right now. I’ve told some select people the name of Book 2, and the reactions have been good so far. I won’t talk about it much, but I will say it’s wild. It starts off running, and the gang won’t have a lot of time to deal with the many new threats from both the Outside and within Karxen. It will be thrilling, shocking, exhilarating. It will also make you feel some feels, so get ready.

THEN. The Karxen Chronicles won’t end there. I’m between Books 2 and 3 (wait, THREE!? Yes…), there will be another novella. This time it will be a prequel told from Dericka’s point of view. I don’t have much other than the idea and a title. The Chaos.

Book 3 comes after that, and it will bring the Karxen Chronicles to a close.

I have another idea for another novella, but I don’t have a solid idea on it yet.

In between the Karxen Chronicles stories, I’ll also be working on other stories outside of Naevia’s world. I’ll post some stuff about those back on my main page where my progress stuff is at.

Anyway, back to book club! These awesome women actually liked my characters, my story, my world. Something I created on a whim and have been self conscious about ever since it released. They read books every month, and they all love to read. I’m honored to have heard what they thought, and would also like to hear what you think! Leave me a review on Amazon, GoodReads, Barnes & Noble, wherever you see my book! Tell me what worked, what didn’t, who you loved or hated, and what you’d like to see in future novels.

Thank you for having me!

Thank you, Ashley, Tayla, Becky, and Abby!

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