ACE Comic Con Midwest

I hadn’t planned on going to a big comic con this year, but then ACE announced one of the first big celebrities that would attend their Chicago based convention, Kit Harington! Now, I’m a huge Thrones fan (books and the show), and Jon Snow (and Kit’s portrayal of him) is my favorite character by far. I had to go, so I persuaded my wife, who was vaguely intrigued, and we bought tickets to have our picture taken with him. Then Tom Holland was also announced.

My wallet cried at the thought of paying to meet two big time celebrities, but when else would I ever get the chance? Spider-Man is my favorite super hero, and I cosplay as him for children’s events. He’s kind of a big deal to me. I bought the ticket. And new spidey suits for me and my wife. And a Jon Snow costume. The hotel. The 3-day general admission passes to the con itself. This was adding up! Still worth it.

This was my wife and mine’s first big convention. The only other cons we’ve been to were Wizard World in Des Moines. I was pretty hyped.

So we get to Chicago Friday night, hit up Portillo’s for dinner and do some shopping. Saturday we wake up and get ready! Saturday was our day to meet Tom Holland, so my wife and I donned our new Spider-Man: Far From Home suits.

Chicago was super cold that day, so we did our best to not go outside much! Anyway, we made it to the con, parked, walked the maze to the convention center, and…

Waited in line. To then wait in other lines, to get in other lines, and so on and so on. There were a lot of lines! It seems like there should’ve been a better way to get everyone in, especially since ACE has done this before. Oh well, we finally made it! I was a bit underwhelmed at the size, but from what I hear this year was bigger than last. Still, it didn’t seem too much bigger than Wizard World Des Moines, as far as artists and exhibitors go. Heck, I should’ve tried to get my own booth to sell my book! We showed up pretty early to make sure we were on time for our photo op, so we spent the early and middle parts of Saturday wandering. We did a bit of shopping, I found Mark Bagley, a Spider-Man legend, and picked up this sexy piece of work.

Candy found an artist we both liked, so we ended up getting a few things from her too. We met up with our other cosplay friends, and snapped a few pics:

Then it was time to meet Tom! Or so we thought. It was, but we had to wait. Again. Our photo op was for 2:00 p.m., but we didn’t actually get to see Tom until close to 3:00 p.m. I get it, there were a lot of people, but the schedules only appeared to get worse later on. Plus, we were allowed to get in line at 1:30, so we stood in the middle of multiple packed lines for over an hour. Buh. Not fun.

But then the lines started to move! And before we knew it, we were staring right at Spider-Man himself, Tom Holland. First off, I felt super bad. He looked tired, which, why not? He’s been doing photo ops and autographs all day long! I’d be super tired too. He handled it like a champ though, and smiled when he saw us both in costume. He said, in that superb accent of his, “Wow, you guys look great!” We then said our thanks, snapped a quick pic, and we were on our way! Check it out:

Totally worth it.

After I calmed down a bit, and my hands stopped shaking, we made another round through the exhibitors and artists, stopped by artist Boss Logic’s panel, then headed out to meet up with our cosplay friends for a bit of a photo shoot! I’ll post pics of the photoshoot at the end, so make sure to keep scrolling to check them out!

Boss Logic

Sunday arrived, and with it our next celebrity photo op, but not yet! More lines you ask? Well, nah, not really. This time we were able to get right into the convention to the show floor. ACE must’ve been on their game Sunday! Kinda. All we really wanted to do Sunday was go to Kit’s panel discussion and our photo op. We already saw everything else the con had to offer that we were interested in. And we had missed Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal’s panel discussion because it started super late. I live streamed it from the hotel, after we had our photoshoot, and after my wife and I had left the con, picked up food, drove to our hotel, changed, etc, you get it. So I didn’t want to miss Kit’s! Well, we started by walking right over to the main stage, where the panels were, and they let us walk right in! We didn’t have to line up, blocking everyone trying to walk the show floor. Easy peasy. Kit’s discussion was great too. You can check it out on ACE’s Facebook page I believe. Right after the panel we had to head over to get in line for our photo op, because we had to hurry up and wait, right? The wait wasn’t as bad as Saturday for Tom, but still could’ve been better. Anyway, same story, wait for awhile, then the line starts to move, and then BAM! There’s Jon frickin Snow! Oh, and remember that bit about me getting a Jon Snow costume? Enjoy…

He shook both of our hands and thanked us for coming. He told me that he liked my costume too! This was definitely the highlight of my trip.

Worth it? I may not know much, but I do know one thing.

Worth it.

That was pretty much it for our ACE Comic Con trip! I’m glad they had these amazing celebrities and artists to come see. I’d like to see some more artists and exhibitors in the future though, and try to do something about staying on schedule. We didn’t have it too bad compared to some of our friends and others that really had to run back and forth between photo ops, autographs, panels, etc.

Still an amazing experience, and one I’ll treasure. Thank you!

As promised here are some pics from the con and our little photoshoot afterward.

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