The Letter for the King

I recently binged this series on Netflix. It took me one night and the next afternoon! Now, I’ve been craving a good fantasy movie or show for awhile now. I tried to watch The Witcher, but it left me bored after three episodes. I watched a few movies, and they were all subpar. I had to go back to The Lord of the Rings for a fix, but that’s just rewatching a nice little thing from the past. I wanted something new!

If this sounds like you, check out The Letter for the King on Netflix. It’s different enough from other fantasy stories to not feel like a knock-off, but there are still some similar elements that gave me almost a Wheel of Time vibe. So refreshing…

When is the Wheel of Time show coming?

Anyway, check out young Tiuri as he travels across the land trying to deliver a letter to the king that he received from a dying knight in hopes to save two kingdoms. It’s such a great story. Tiuri is thrust into this mission (as many fantasy protagonists are), and has to fight off and escape a number of foes, including the dreaded Red Riders, some creepy monks, and a mysterious traveling showman. All while the darkness awaits. But he gets some help from an incredibly intelligent horse, a pickpocket that might be more than she seems, and a few old friends that want to turn him in.

There’s just so much ongoing conflict that you’re invested the entire way through, and the many twists (some great, some okay) keep you on your toes. I enjoyed many of the characters. There were only a few that were drab, and most of them weren’t of great importance anyway. The main baddie was a little too Ronan (from GotG) for me, but he wasn’t terrible by any means. The other antagonists make up for it, especially Jaro, one of the Red Riders.

So, if you’re looking for a fantasy series that has intriguing magic, gripping action, believable relationships, and an ongoing threat, told in a wonderful way, please watch The Letter for the King. You won’t regret it. Here’s hoping we get another season! I have a few questions I’m hoping get answered! Or maybe I’ll check out the book… Anyone read it? How is it? I’m tempted to check it out!

Stay safe out there, everyone. Do your part and stay home if you can! Watch a show, read a book, do some jumping jacks!

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