New Art

What’s good!? I haven’t been doing too much lately writing-wise, just revising Descent slowly but surely. I have messed around with Clip Studio Paint some more, but not toooooo much. I’ve been busy getting ready for this baby and the house move coming up SOON! So I don’t get too much done, but every little bit is something more than the day before. Anyway, check these out!

I drew this little Spider-Man for my future son. It was inspired by Skottie Young and Charles Schulz. I’m trying to embrace my influences. Finding my style has always been a trouble spot for me with art, so I’m starting from scratch!

Here’s my Gengar x Venom pic. I got a little lazy with the background and the shadow ball, but I thought it was fun nonetheless! Instead of a spider on the chest, I used the logo from Ash’s hat on either side. I thought it was a nice little touch!

This one is pretty different. I played around with the airbrush tool and tried to channel my inner Monet with making it kinda blurry. I just found a random cool pic on Instagram to use as reference and went for it. I dig it and might play around with the style more in the future.

I think that’s all I have to share for now. I mentioned getting more into art previously when I wrote about having an idea for my own manga style comic. I’m just gonna keep plugging away at all these different creative outlets!

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