A Year of Sanderson

Brandon. Fucking. Sanderson. I give credit where credit is due, and Mr. Sanderson will get a lot of that from me. See, I didn’t care too much for sci-fi or fantasy novels early on in my pre-and-during-college reading era. I got back into reading and didn’t find interest in what I thought was sci-fi and fantasy at the time, which amounted to not much. Therefore, I spent my reads on action fiction and historical mysteries like Raymond Khoury and similar authors. That is, until my wife and I stopped in Barnes and Noble to peruse. Lo and behold, I found Steelheart.

Loved it!

Then I looked more into this Sanderson guy. That’s when I found… Mistborn. While reading the Mistborn books, I found out during a drunken conversation at my bachelor party that my best friend also read Brandon Sanderson. Say what!?

The titles kept hitting from there, and they. Won’t. Stop!

Seriously! How does this guy have that much time to write!? It’s insane, but we all love him for it. He’s influenced my writing a ton. See the big twists in Naevia-18? Thank Sanderson for it. Now if I can channel my inner Sanderson to get that kind of pace that he has! I’ll be set.

But alas! Until then, I’ll regale in a Year of Sanderson. For those not in the know, Mr. Sanderson spent his spare time during the pandemic writing, and completing, five secret novels! Four of which he’s releasing quarterly next year via a Kickstarter. Not only that, but you can turn it into a pseudo-subscription box and make it a “Year of Sanderson” by opting to get not only the four books in whatever format you prefer, but also eight boxes of cool Sanderson swag. Umm… yes, please?

So ranging from $40-$500 depending on whether you just want the four books in ebook format going all the way to the top and getting all four books in every format along with the eight Sanderson swag boxes, you’ve just filled your 2023 with Brandon Sanderson. There’s not really any way to lose out here.

If you’d like to check out Brandon’s Kickstarter, head here. I know I’ll be checking it out over the next couple weeks, mulling over my decision of which reward tier I shall land.


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